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Global Friction Product Services

The team of expert machinists and welders at  GLOBAL FRICTION PRODUCTS are able to repair rusted or bent bands.

We fix bands with usable lug ends in addition to fabricating the misshapen bands back to original condition.  The steel will be rolled specifically for the band and the lug ends will be welded back on using certified welding procedures.  Welding procedures for AWS (American Welding Society) group I & II steels, also 4140 and A514.

Welding procedures include GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding), SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), GMAW (gas metal arc welding), and FCAW (flux-cored arc welding). Additionally, we can repair lug ends that are broken or we can make the entire brake band new. Global Friction Products provides stress relieving, heat treatment and non-destructive testing if required.


Stress relieving techniques have been perfected by welders in order to decrease distortion by relieving stress. This can be accomplished by preheating the parts or sending them to the oven for a post-welding treatment. By holding the materials at a fixed temperature, we are able to reduce residual stresses.


Post weld heat treatments is a controlled process. Materials are reheated to a temperature below its critical transformation temperature. The material is then held there for a determined amount of time. This process will ensure that a material’s strength is maintained after welding procedures.


We also perform non-destructive testing. These tests will evaluate different properties of the material to ensure that they meet specific standards. These tests are done without harming or damaging the material itself.


Our company can manufacture a new band with prints provided off a sample, or a representative can travel to the machine to make prints for you.  We also offer an exchange program with our own inventory.


  • Manufacture brake and clutch bands for OEM'S
  • Manufacture brake and clutch bands for after market
  • Rebuild brake and clutch bands
  • Relining Facility-strip old lining and replace with new.
  • Re-arcing Facility-arc bands out of round
    Out of shape brake or clutch bands can be put back in round
  1. Gives brake and clutch bands 100% contact for even wear
  2. Prevents overheating
  3. Prevents knuckling effect
  4. Brake & Clutch lining will last longer  
  • Fastners
  1. Brass Rivets
  2. Brass bolts
  3. Brass Keepers
  • Lining Kits available molded block or rolled linings.
  1. Molded block
  2.  Heavy Duty Woven rolled lining 
  3. Heavey Duty molded rolled lining
  • Custom Manufactured Friction materials to meet your requirements
  • Expander Brakes/Bladder Brakes 
  1. Constricting - Type CB, Type CM, Type VC
  2. Combination Clutch/Brake - Type FSPA
  3.     Expanding - Type E, Type EB, Type ER, Type VE
  4. Spring Applied - Type CS, Type CTE
  • Disc Products -
  1. Oil and Oil/Air Cooled - Type AR, Type AS, Type SB, Type SC
  2. Air Cooled - Type DBA, Type DBB, Type DBBS, Type DC
  3. Combination Clutch/Brake - Type CBC, Type DBC
  4. Water Cooled - Type WCB2 & WCBD, Type WCS, Type WCSB
  5. Caliper Brakes - Type DP, Type H
  • PTO Clutch Linings
  • Mechanical testing
  • NDE and material testing
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Machining
  • Welding AWS D1.1 / ABS
  • Onsite Evalutations