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About Global Friction brake and clutch band repair

Construction, Marine, And Mining Equipment

GLOBAL FRICTION PRODUCTS, INCis a company that manufactures, repairs, and /or re-arcs brake and clutch bands back to original drum for even wear on friction material.  We specialize in the construction, mining, marine and offshore industries, i.e., cranes, draglines, clamshells, barges, dredges, ships, tugs, winches and more.  The company will also reline bands with new friction material using standard or oversize lining.  (Brass rivets, keepers, and bolts are also supplied.)

For the marine and offshore industries we service the following:  Anchor Windlass Bands, Draw Works, tow, Mooring and Bow Winches along with numerous others.  We have provided service for customers having AmClyde, American General, Ellicott Dredge, Haggline, Intercontinental, Lakeshore, Markey Machinery, Manitowoc, McElroy, Mobile Pulley, New England Trawler, Norwegian, Pull Master Winch, Skagit-Smatco etc.  We also manufacture for Original Equipment Manufacuturers.


For the construction and mining industries we have provided service for our customers having AmClyde, American, Bucyrus-Erie, Koehring, Lima, Little Giant, Loraine, Manitowoc, Marion, North West, Page, P & H etc.

The team of expert machinists and welders at GLOBAL FRICTION PRODUCTS are able to repair rusted or bent bands with usable lug ends in addition to fabricating the bands back to original condition.  The steel will be rolled specifically for the band and the lug ends will be welded back on using certified welding procedures.  Welding procedures for AWS group I & II steels, also 4140 and A514.  Welding procedures include GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, and FCAW.  


Additionally, we can repair lug end that is broken or we can make the entire brake band new.  GFP provides stress relieving, heat treatment and non-destructive testing if required. Our company can manufacture a new band with prints provided, off a sample, or a representative can travel to the machine to make prints for you. We also offer an exchange program with our own inventory.

Global Friction Products carries a surplus of inventory to meet the needs of all industries, machines and applications.  To include the following:  Heavy duty woven 3/16  to 1.250 inches thick and up to 20 inches wide; molded and key lock block, arc slabs, flat sheets, and clutch lining 3/16 to 4 inches thick etc.  The heavy-duty woven material can be sold by the roll or by the piece.  In addition, supply-lining kits can be provided.  The scrubber brake blocks for winch applications are supplied to help keep the rust off the brake drums and maintain the friction level.

The most important element of our business is that we operate in an emergency mode.  We  have the capability to produce a new or repaired product  within a day or two.  Our corporate executives have over 25 years of experience in this industry.  Please visit our web site at or call 1-877-285-2700.

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William (Billy) R. Peek - President

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